Team BioTrust

Honest Nutrition. Honest Experts. Life-Changing Results.

BioTrust Nutrition is a team—a team of the world’s leading health and nutrition experts carrying some of the most impressive credentials you’ll ever come across. On our team you’ll find MDs, RDs, PhDs, CPTs, CSNs, PTs, and DCs. But perhaps even more impressive than the letters behind each name is the fact that each and every person on the BioTrust team voluntary chose to be part of what we’re doing because they whole-heartedly believe in everything BioTrust stands for: Honesty, integrity, and premium quality nutrition products.

As a company, we’re proud to boast the most incredible, most genuine team of fitness professionals you’ll ever meet, and we’re even more excited about the common cause that’s brought us all together—you, your body, and your results. Meet us below.

The Founders

Josh Bezoni
Founder & Nutrition Expert

Joel Marion
Founder & Nutrition Expert

The BioTrust Fitness Team

Tim Skwiat
Director of Nutrition & Exercise

Flavia Del Monte
Women’s Fitness Advisor

Craig Ballantyne
Metabolic Resistance Training Advisor

John Romaniello
Hormonal Fat Loss Advisor

Chad Tackett
Fitness & Community Advisor

Rob Poulos
Fitness & “Weird Trick” Advisor

Kyle Leon
Fat Loss & Muscle Building Advisor

Bedros Keuilian
Fitness & Business Development Advisor

Vince Del Monte
Muscle Building Advisor

Adam Steer
Bodyweight Exercise Advisor

Dan Long
Fat Loss & Motivational Advisor

Charles Livingston
Fat Loss & Chiropractic Advisor

Mike Geary
Abdominal Fat Loss Advisor

Kareem Samhouri
Therapeutic Fat Loss Advisor

John M. Rowley
Lifestyle and Motivational Advisor

The BioTrust Science Team

Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, CISSN, FISSN
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Matthew Roberson, M.D.
Lead Medical Advisor

Andrew Quintanilla, CFS
Director of Research & Development

Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
Director of Nutrition and Exercise